Melea Gilmore moved from West Nashville to Livingston TN. She earned her bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering with a biomolecular concentration at Tennessee Technological University. During her time at the university she was secretary for three years and president her senior year of AICHE (American Institute of Chemical Engineering). She was also a part of the Biomolecular Medicine Laboratory developing a microfluidic device. By becoming a part of Appalachian BioScience (ABS) she has landing her dream career. In her free time, Melea loves to go work in her garden, paint, play video games and go on outdoor adventures with her Fiancée Benjamin. She also loves to make essential oils in her spare time. She is grateful for her amazing group of co-workers, friends, and family, and Melea makes sure to make everyone feel welcomed during tours or anytime anyone comes into the facility. She is currently a member of AALAS. For more information about what Melea does at ABS click here.