Jennifer Von Hoene is a research associate II at Appalachian BioScience. She is supervisor of the tissue culture/biology lab. Her focus is hybridoma development for the production of monoclonal antibodies. She prides herself in usage of serum-free/animal-free culture techniques. She has superior aseptic technique, guaranteeing the purity of our product development to our clients.
Jennifer graduated from Tennessee Technological University with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology. She absolutely loves to be outdoors and has a nearly unhealthy obsession with nature. She enjoys hobbies such as hiking, reading, camping, kayaking, swimming, carpentry, twin-ing, aunt-ing, family-ing, etc.
Lastly, Jennifer loves to be a part of the ABS team and is honored to be a part of such an awesome work family. She believes every person is unique and extremely talented, bringing the utmost excellence to the whole of what is accomplished at Appalachian BioScience.