Crystal K. West has been with Appalachian BioScience (ABS) since September of 2015 and is a one of the key personnel within Biochemistry department, where we perform our Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assays. Crystal also has knowledge of aseptic technique from past surgical training, and has also worked extensively within our cell culture laboratories as well here within ABS.
Crystal holds Bachelor’s Degree from Middle Tennessee State University in Animal Science with a Minor in Entrepreneurship.
Crystal’s background includes but not limited to several years laboratory and small animal experience with VCA Ragland and Riley Animal Hospital, where she perform digital radiographs, Complete U/A (collecting urine by cystocentesis, finding specific gravity, preparing cytology and sediment stains), cytology’s (blood smear, U/A, ear, skin, skin scraping, aspirates, vaginal for reproductive use), differential staining of all cytology’s, pharmacology (writing, filling, and administration of medication both oral and injectable), Preparation of clear and accurate reports regarding client/patient/doctor interactions, laboratory findings, treatment proceedings, hospital care and medication administrations. Her background also includes 10 years retail sales, with some management experience, and some business-to-business sales. As well as Proficient experience working with equine animals, riding Hunter Seat and Hunter Jumpers, training in teaching / instructing of students, and sales of all equine equipment. She is currently a member in the National Appaloosa Horse Club, and Tennessee State Appaloosa Horse Club, also a member of American Association of Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS).