Sheep and Goats

Proven, accurate, convenient, cost-effective.

BioPRYN® is the first and leading protein-based blood pregnancy test that delivers fast, accurate, and economical pregnancy test results from a simple blood sample.  Applications of this technology have been documented in scientific and veterinary based publications since 1982.1

The BioPRYN enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) test evaluates the the serum or plasma of all breeds of sheep and goat for a protein called Pregnancy Specific Protein B (PSPB). PSPB is produced by the placenta of an animal with a growing fetus and remains until after parturition.  PSPB concentrations can be accurately measured in blood by 30 days post breeding (DPB) in sheep and goats.

BioPRYN Testing Service

BioPRYN® is the easy and affordable way to to accurately detect open cows and heifers.  Two testing services – BioPRYN® and BioPRYNqk – are available.

For a brief overview of the BioPRYN testing process, see BioPRYN® Quick Start and additional information below.  For detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to locate a BioPRYN® laboratory, where to buy supplies, how to draw blood, and how to ship samples


  • Contact the Laboratory: to obtain pricing, testing schedule information, and a sample submission form. You can also download the form here.
  • Collect Samples:  ~2 ccs of blood at 28 DPB for adult beef and dairy cows and 25 DPB for heifers in a plain red-top vacuum tube. Tubes are available from us for only the cost of the shipping.
  • Prepare and Ship Samples: to our certified BioPRYN laboratory.
  • BioPRYN® Report:  Results are provided to the producer via electronic methods; email and/or mail or phone depending upon preference.

Prepare and Ship Samples

Samples can be shipped without ice by any carrier or method. Pricing for BioPRYN tests starts around $6.50 per test. Properly package your samples and complete the sample submission form.