Beef and Dairy

Proven, accurate, convenient, cost-effective.

BioPRYN® is the first and leading protein-based blood pregnancy test that delivers fast, accurate, and economical pregnancy test results from a simple blood sample.  Applications of this technology have been documented in scientific and veterinary based publications since 1982.1, 2

The BioPRYN enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) test evaluates the serum or plasma of all dairy breeds for a protein called Pregnancy Specific Protein B (PSPB). PSPB is produced by the placenta of an animal with a growing fetus and remains until after parturition.  PSPB concentrations can be accurately measured in blood by 28 days post breeding (DPB) in adult beef and dairy cows and 25 DPB in beef and dairy heifers.

BioPRYN Testing Service

BioPRYN® is the easy and affordable way to to accurately detect open cows and heifers.  Two testing services – BioPRYN® and BioPRYNqk – are available.

For a brief overview of the BioPRYN testing process, see BioPRYN® Quick Start and additional information below.  For detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to locate a BioPRYN® laboratory, where to buy supplies, how to draw blood, and how to ship samples


  • Contact the Laboratory: to obtain pricing, testing schedule information, and a sample submission form. You can also download the form here.
  • Collect Samples:  ~2 ccs of blood at 28 DPB for adult beef and dairy cows and 25 DPB for heifers in a plain red-top vacuum tube. Tubes are available from us for only the cost of the shipping.
  • Prepare and Ship Samples: to our certified BioPRYN laboratory.
  • BioPRYN® Report:  Results are provided to the producer via electronic methods; email and/or mail or phone depending upon preference.

Prepare and Ship Samples

Samples can be shipped without ice by any carrier or method. Pricing for BioPRYN tests starts around $3.00 per test. Properly package your samples and complete the sample submission form.