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Appalachian BioScience (ABS) is a state of the art biotechnology company that develops novel monoclonal antibodies.

  • Monoclonal Antibody Development
    ABS is a state of the art biotechnology company located in Clay County, Tennessee.  Our main focus is the development of novel monoclonal antibodies highly conserved proteins as well as small molecules, peptides targets and proteins.  Our goal is to provide the…
  • About
    Our experienced scientific team continues to adapt new techniques in order to provide the highest quality antibodies.  As the industry of research evolves ABS will provide a solid portfolio of antibodies and immunological services.

Our BioPRYN® and Testing services


Beef & Dairy Pregnancy Testing
Rooted in Innovative Science with Proven Results. The original blood-based livestock pregnancy test. Developed using research conducted by Dr. Garth Sasser while at the University of Idaho and first commercially applied by cattle producers in 2002, BioPRYN® is the first blood-based livestock pregnancy test.


Sheep & Goats Pregnancy Testing
Proven Technology has been validated in peer-reviewed scientific and veterinary-based publications since 1985. BioPRYN® has been successfully applied to commercial pregnancy detection in goats and sheep since 2004.


Bison Pregnancy Testing
BioPRYN® is the first and leading protein-based blood pregnancy test that delivers fast, accurate, and economical pregnancy test results by a simple blood sample. Applications of this technology in bison have been documented in scientific and veterinary based publications since 1985. Other testing such as BVD PI X2, CAE/OPP are also available.


  • High Quality Antibodies – client Nashville, TN
    Alexander Taylor, Sr Director, Macromolecular Sciences

    "ABS consistently delivers high quality antibodies with specification-acceptable affinity and epitope diversity. Moreover, project objectives have always been delivered within the agreed timeframe."

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  • Impressive infrastructure and Technological Capabilities – client Framingham, MA
    Rangaprasad Sarangarajan, SVP & Chief Scientific Officer

    “ABS has an impressive infrastructure and technological capabilities for generation of quality antibodies. BERG in actively using ABS generated antibodies in various programs focused on drug and biomarker discovery, target validation and drug development program and look forward to continued engagement with ABS to support our initiatives.”

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